Hands On Skills

Don’t rely on using Packet Tracer or other software based labs if you want to become a Cisco engineer. Nothing beats the experience you get with a live rack of Cisco routers and switches.

When you are using live equipment you will experience real world issues such as interfaces flapping (going up and down rapidly), cable issues, software related issues and other problems you may also see in real life. You will also be able to monitor live packets as they traverse your network which you cannot do with software based router simulators.

Remember that when it comes to job applications and interview time, hand on experience with live equipment is all that counts. Most interviews now include a technical section, if not a complete interview dedicated to testing your hands on skill.

If you can’t cable up a switch, routers and your console connection then you will be asked politely to leave! If you are the guy who can sit there, cable it all up and configure protocols until your heart is content then you will get the job.

CCNA and CCNP racks are available to members of www.howtonetwork.net 24/7.