Rack Mounts

As your home network grows, you may want to consider keeping it tidy (and safe) with your own rack mount kit. You choose the right rack for your needs and then attach brackets to the routers and switches and then bolt them into the rack.

Dantrak is a leading rack supplier in the UK.

You will need to attach brackets to the sides of your routers and switches. Please double check on eBay that you are buying the correct brackets for your model because each series of router has different sized brackets and screws (2500, 2600, 1800 etc.).

Please also note that you will need to attach the brackets to your rack mount and this again will require different sized cables.


Once you have attached your brackets you can then rack up your equipment. Below is a rack mount from Dantrak and the image is copyright Dantrak Net.

Below is an image from Flickr of one students CCNA home rack. Just to give you an idea of how tidy and simple it can be.

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  1. Having a rack does allow you to organise your equipment better.

    I bought a 12U rack from Amazon (StarTech – £40) and it has been a big plus..

    Like everyone, I bought my equipment from Ebay but what you usually forget is the rack mounts. They usually don’t come with the equipment.

    When you buy rack mounts, why do they always give you just two screws and not four??

    A last comment, buy a rack for the future, the equipment required is only going to increase when you get the CCNP…..


  2. I didn”t know where I should leave this post but I’ll leave my question here. This is a good site for general information on how to get “started” with your own home lab. I just recently put together my own, buying some equipment from a “kit” company on the web. I have two 2620XM routers, one 2610 router, and two 2950 switches. My biggest question that nobody seems to be able to answer is, “Where do I find labs for my home kit”? Now that I have a “lab” setup in my house, I’d like to find a workbook of some sort with labs in it so that I can practice on my home network. Ideally, it would have “walk-throughs” for each lab so that you can either get a step by step explanation of what should be done, or you can look at it once you’ve completed it on your own so that you can check your work. The “walk-through” would also be there in case you get stuck in one part of the lab and need to know what you should be doing next.
    Does anybody know where you can find anything like this? For all the people out there that have their own “home lab”, what are they using as far as “labs” are with their setups? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

    • paulwbrowning

      We have loads on http://www.howtonetwork.net. On the homepage you have 101 CCNA labs with some free parts and also challenge labs. Walkthroughs are for members. Same in my book CCNA Simplified..will be on Kindle in about a week.



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