Telnet and SSH Clients

When you have cabled up your network you need to use some software to open a connection to your equipment and configure it. These are usually referred to as telnet or SSH clients. SSH is a secure method used to connect to and configure equipment whereas telnet is not secure.

The most common programs are hypertermial and Putty. Hyperterminal is considered fairly out-of-date now and support was dropped after Windows XP. You can download Putty from the Putty Download Page.

Presuming you have already connected your console cable to your router you can click on the serial radio button. Your laptop or PC will often use COM1 if you have a DB8 connector at the back of it. If you are using a USB converter then you will need to locate your COM port in device manager (on Windows).

In this example we have COM4 allocated for our USB to console cable. When we open Putty we would replace the number 1 for the number 4 on our serial connection.

Putty leaves the standard settings of 9600bps and stop bits so you need not worry about these.

When you have selected the correct COM port you simply click on the ‘open’ button at the bottom of the screen and a window should open.

You may need to press the enter key a couple of times to bring up a router prompt. If nothing happens then make sure the cable is connected and power is on.

If nothing happens still then double that check your COM port number is correct.

If you have an Ethernet connect to your routers then you can simply click on the telnet radio button instead of serial, enter the IP address and the port number will be left as 23. Remember that you must have configured the router to allow incoming telnet sessions first (see videos).

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